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Chris Parris returns to the podcast to talk about the biggest football game of the year.   Chris was last on the podcast to talk about Federal Scanning.

Chris writes a monthly column for The Spectrum Monitor, an online digital magazine dedicated to the radio monitoring hobby, including scanning and shortwave listening.

Chris’s column, “The Fed Files”, has been a favorite of mine since he was writing for Monitor Times magazine, and his website is full of great information when it comes to federal monitoring.




What you need to know:

  • Chris’s daily job has him in some very interesting locations, including monitoring the big super football game that happens at the end of every NFL season.
  • The company Chris worked for provides technical support for the television broadcasts that come out of the Super Bowl, and he has done probably 17 Super Bowls in total.
  • We talk about how Chris prepares his scanners before each trip.
  • His scanning equipment varies from trip to trip.
  • Chris tried different types of radios, brought more base stations than handheld, or sometimes brought more handhelds than base stations.
  • Chris’s routine usually is to leave TRX-1 TRX-2 run for a day, and when he comes in first thing in the morning before the next day of work, he will sit down and listen to or redownload the recordings see what he picked up.
  • The LA area is very heavily active with radio channels. The stadium was in Englewood, California, so the Englewood Police Department had their radio system set up and ran for this event. In addition, the California highway patrol was there.
  • The actual stadium itself has a trunk DMR system for its operations, and it was completely encrypted.
  • All the NFL radios for the game operations and so forth were encrypted.
  • There was a lot of radio traffic going on during and before the game.
  • Chris was impressed by the military air monitors in Southern California because literally within less than a minute, multiple people posted online details on what he heard.


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