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Many people have asked me,

“How can I help support Scanner School?”

The answer to this question led me down some interesting solutions.
In the end, I have decided on several ways to easily support Scanner School.

1. Amazon

Who doesn’t love to shop on Amazon?   They really have everything from A to Z.

Not only do I order my office supplies, but just about everything I needed to start this Podcast came from Amazon.

I even do my grocery shopping on Amazon’s Fresh program.

This program is an additional fee on top of my yearly Prime Membership, but by using their credit card, the rewards from each purchase wipe out my Fresh delivery subscription.

So how can you help Scanner School by shopping at Amazon?

It is simple

Click on this link before you make a purchase from Amazon

By clicking the above link before making any purchases on Amazon is a great way to support this website without actually giving us any money.  You see, the above link is what we call an Amazon Associates link.   If you use that link, we earn a small fee on anything you buy from Amazon at no additional cost to you.

So if you are looking for a simple and free way to help fund Scanner School, please use our Amazon Associates links

2. Patreon

Patreon is a great way to support Scanner School by making monthly contributions

Become a Patron!

How does Patreon work?

Patreon is similar to a “PBS” model.   You make a pledge each month to support Scanner School.

Each pledge level gives you different member benefits.

For example:

  • $5 gives you early access to the podcast
  • $10 gives you access to the podcast early and exclusive video tutorials
  • $20 gives you everything from the $5 and $10 levels, plus some Scanner School merchandise!
  • $40 gives you the benefits of $5, $10, and $20, plus monthly consulting sessions

If none of those levels feels comfortable to you, you can always pick your own pledge value to support Scanner School each month.

Become a Patron!

3. Buy our Scanner School branded products

We are in the process of building a collection of merchandise.

Scanner School the coffee mugs, t-shirts, sweat shirts, mouse pads, etc are all on the way!

If there is something Scanner School branded that you would be interested in buying, please let us know.

4. PayPal

Many of you do not want to give on a monthly installment, and we completely understand.

By using PayPal, you can give any amount whenever you are ready to give, on your terms.

Just click on the PayPal button below

Use our Resources Page

We have plenty of great suggestions on how to help you in your Scanner Radio hobby in our Resources page.   Some items in there are affiliate links, and as we explained above – these affiliate links allow us to earn a small fee on your purchases at no additional cost to you.

What items will you find on our Resources Page?

You will find links to places we recommend buying scanners from, like Amazon and Scanner Master.

You will find links to scanner radio software from BuTel, ProScan, and Freescan.

What else is there?  Head over to our Resources Page to find out.

Thank you for your help

Scanner School is here to help you with the scanner radio hobby.   With your help, we can support Scanner School for a long time to come!



Phil – w2lie

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