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Very informative

Phil is very knowledgeable about scanning. I look forward to the episodes. Keep up the great job Phil. I’m always learning something. 73


Everything You Need to Know About Scanners

This guy knows his stuff! If you’re into scanners, you’re going to want to checkout THE expert on the subject!

Fun in the Sun 22

A School for Every Scanner!

This podcast is evidence that there is a place for everyone. It's nice to know that you can learn the basics of scanners or even stay tuned and learn more advanced tactics. Pretty cool!


Can’t wait to see what else you have!

Really was a great show. I've never been into scanners but when I listen to your podcast about aviation it makes me want to get a scanner. Can't wait to see what else you have.


Loaded with great information

I've had a portable scanner radio for over 15 years now. I work at an office building on a local airport and use it to listen to traffic quite a bit. I just listened to podcast 26 and it was loaded with great information. Thanks for putting all this together.

AR Hodgins

Can’t get enough!

Full of information and more importantly he know how to deliver it...CAN'T GET ENOUGH!!!!


Finally found…

I'm so glad I finally found Scanner School and this podcast. I'm looking to get back into the scanning hobby after a 20 year break. Things have changed so much since I left I didn't know where to begin. Phil does a wonderful job of explaining both the simple and most complex in really easy to understand language.


Great podcasts

I just started listening to these podcast. Y'all do a fantastic job of providing the best information and making it easy to understand. Keep up the good work and thank you for taking the time to teach us about scanners and the scanning hobby.


Keep up the great work!

I am loving the podcasts, Phil has really settled into the role of sharing his knowledge, being prepared to learn from his guest speakers. Radio scanning is a great hobby and a great way to find out what is going around you. Keep up the great work Phil. Grant, from Melbourne, Australia.


A must for all beginning to intermediate scanner enthusiasts!

Found Phil and his website when looking for reviews on the new SDS 100 Bearcat scanner. He does a great job of easing folks into the basic technical background of radio transmissions and then into more specifics about the latest scanner technologies. Great for both newbies and those interested in the scanning hobbie and know they are really not sure what they are doing or don't believe they are using their scanners to the fullest capability. Looking forward to catching up to the current podcasts. Keep up the great work Phil!


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