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This page has many of the eBay searches I do on a daily basis.

These eBay Scanner Radio Auctions will pull Uniden, Whistler, GRE, Radio Shack Scanner Auctions every few hours.  It will also pull Icom and Yaesu Receivers.

The links below are affiliate links.  By clicking any eBay link or item, we will earn a small commission.


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Uniden Scanners

View more Uniden Scanners on eBay


Whistler Scanners

View more Whistler Scanners on eBay


GRE Scanners

View more GRE Scanners on eBay


RadioShack Scanners

View more Radio Shack Scanners on eBay


Realistic Scanners

View more Realistic Scanners on eBay

Electra Scanners

View more Electra Scanners on eBay


Icom Receivers

View more Icom Receivers on eBay


Yaesu Receivers

View more Yaesu Receivers on eBay

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