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Did you purchase a new scanner and can't figure out how to program it?

Looking to setup a new scanner radio and don't know what antennas, coax, or other hardware to buy?

Need help with anything else scanner radio related?


We understand that this hobby isn't what it used to be.

With trunking, encryption, talk groups, and new radio programming, this can be a pretty confusing hobby.


We are available for one-on-one consulting services for anyone looking for help with scanning.


Consulting services are done virtually over the computer.
We recommend using Skype to share audio and your screen at the same time.  This will require a free Skype account.
If you need help with software and prefer not to use Skype, you can also install TeamViewer on your computer so I can remote control your desktop.

The cost for my services is $47USD for 30 minutes of time.

If you are interested in booking your appointment, please contact us using the calendar below.

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