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The 2018 Holiday Season is underway

Here are 10 scanners radio accessories  that I would recommend as a gift for the scanner radio listener on your shopping list.

The list:

10 USB Scanner Cables (USB-1 for the Uniden Scanners)

Uniden's Serial scanners and handhelds have a special serial adapter on them.   The Uniden USB-1 allows you to connect your scanner to your computer for programming.   Here is our affiliate link for the USB-1: www.scannerschool.com/USB1

9 Scanner Programming Software


I am a huge fan of the software by BuTel.  I've been using BuTel's software since my first computer capable scanner and have purchased a copy of the software for every radio that I own that BuTel Supports.    

You can purchase BuTel software here – and by doing so, you will also be supporting Scanner School.


ProScan is another popular programming software suite that I would recommend.  I don't use ProScan to program my radios ( I have BuTel for that), but i do use ProScan to manage my radios.   It does a great job at logging all of the audio to a hard drive and it also logs all of the traffic that my scanner receives in a spreadsheet.

ProScan is also what I use to stream my scanners to both my own audio server and to Broadcastify.   I also have virtual displays setup that a users to monitor of my scanners thanks to ProScan.   You can purchase ProScan here.


FreeScan is a free scanner radio programming package.  It supports programming, audio control, and virtual displays of your scanner.    The nice thing about FreeScan (besides the price) is the ability to quickly migrate a programming from one radio to another.

FreeScan is a free download, and you can get the software here


8 Scanner Radio Case

Scanner Master has nylon cases for many handheld scanners, including AOR, Icom, GRE, Radio Shack, Uniden, and Whistler Scanners 

You can browse Scanner Radio Cases here.


7 External and Set-Top Antennas

In Scanner School Session 28 we talked about scanner radio antennas and what to look for in buying one.

These are my recommendations:

Diamond D130NJ

Diamond SRH519

Diamond RH519

Diamond SRH77CA

Diamond RH77CA


6 Printed “Easier to Read” Scanner Manuals

MarksScanners did a great job at rewriting the manual for many of today's scanners.   I think Mark did a great job.

You can view these manuals for free at marksscanners.com

Printed and bound versions can be purchased online at scannermaster


5 Coax

In Scanner School Session 30 we talked about coax.   Session 30 breaks down the difference between cheaper coax like RG-58 and RG-6, and the more expensive flavors such as RG-213 and LMR-400.    

I strongly recommend LMR-400, and you can purchase this cable premade and in a variety of lengths here.


4 Multicouplers

In Scanner School Session 33 we discussed why you should use a MultiCoupler instead of a splitter.

You can buy Stridsberg Multicouplers here.  (these are what I use in my own scanner setup)


3 Power Supplies

In Session 37 of Scanner School, we talked about the benefits of power supplies.

I personally like Astron Power Supplies. I currently have a RS-20M and a RS-35M under my radio desk. But those aren't the only two in my collection. I have other models by Astron, a few by Radio Shack, and even some other various makes and models.

Click here to take a look at some more power supplies


2 RF Connector Adapters

Every scanner radio ‘junk draw' should have some RF Adapters.   These adapters will allow you to match any coaxial end to any radio.

Browse RF Adapters here

1 Replacement Batteries

I am not a fan of the batteries that are shipped with today's scanners.   If you need new batteries because you have a new scanner, or because your batteries are now a bit old, I like to use Tenergy or Eneloop batteries in my scanners.


Bonus Gift Cards

I love gift cards.

You can purchase a gift card for your scanner radio fan here:

Scanner Master



Please support the Scanner School podcast.  Visit www.scannerschool.com/support to see how you can help us.  Some of the ways you can support us won't cost you any additional money!

Links and Sources from this session:

Scanner School Resources Page


(Some of the above links are affiliate links.  Scanner School may earn a small fee, at no additional cost to you, if you use these links to make a purchase.  This is a great way to help support Scanner School.)

Bonus Material:

Are you looking for your first scanner radio?

Download our new e-guide, “5 Thinks You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Scanner”.   This free PDF is about 30 pages long and has 5 things you should look for, plus a few extra bonus items to make sure you make an educated purchase.

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