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Not all coax is created equal – is the cheap coax really worth investing in?

What you need to know

What are you using for coax cable?

The old saying holds true – you get what you pay for.   The cheap coax that you can find in your home improvement store might be affordable and easy to work with, but it isn't the best value for the buck when it comes to using for your scanner radio's setup.

Coax loss varies from one make to another, and so does it's measured impedance (resistance).

For the run from your antenna to your radio setup, you want coax that has the least amount of loss, and the highest effectiveness.

However, for jumpers, if you keep them short you can use some more affordable coax.  The cheaper coax is actually better in this case because they are more flexible and when used in short runs, the losses are next to nill.

We have a great chart to help you see all the numbers in this week's session notes.

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Bonus Material:

We have a great chart that breaks down the dB (decibel) loss and the Effectiveness of each coax run at 100′



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