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What are TDMA Control Channels on P25 trunk systems, and what does this mean for the scanner radio hobby?




What You Will Learn in This Week's Podcast:

  • P25 TDMA control channels are different from P25 phase two voice channels.
  • Every single P25 system out there up until this point has used an FDMA control channel.
  • A new addition to the P25 suite of standards defines a TDMA control channel for P25 trunking operations similar to the FDMA control channel.
  • The TDMA control channel supports the same functionality as the FDMA control channel. However, with the use of that TDMA control channel, a single 12.5 K Hz channel supports two virtual channels and can be configured to utilize one or both virtual channels for inbound outbound signaling.
  • Before current P25 systems can migrate over to TDMA, they need to only have Phase 2 Talk Groups

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