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In today’s podcast, we are going to talk with our special guest Esteban Reyes.
Esteban is a Tik Tok creator who helps people with scanner radio hobby, and he is here today to talk about how social media and scanning go together.

You can find Eteban on TikTok under the username 626HawkEye



What you need to know:

  • Social media is an important tool when it comes to bringing people together online.
  • It gives people access to others who share the same interests, beliefs, and thoughts.
  • Tik Tok was used to be for kids, but now you can find a ton of short educational form content over on Tik Tok.
  • Many radio operators on social media share their thoughts and ideas about scanner radio hobby and what they love to do with their radios.
  • Esteban has been creating TikTok videos for some time to teach others about the scanner radio hobby.
  • Esteban came to scanner radio hobby back in 2005 or 2006 as an interest in security in Los Angeles.
  • Tik Tok is more personal social platform because you get to see the person talking or doing something.
  • You can easilty interact between audience and creater
  • Tik Tok is very personal because it’s very raw. When you go over to YouTube, you expect a steady camera, a little bit of editing, and a good microphone, but when you are on Tik Tok, simple expectation is handheld phone in your face, which makes it easy to get into.
  • Esteban sees scanner programming questions more on social platforms, and there are people that will walk you through the comments or private messages until you get it.
  • There are people in the social media groups already that are familiar with scanners, and these groups can help you, either get into the hobby or help you with your scanner if you have problems.
  • There are a lot of different layers in the scanners, and it’s not as simple as turning switches off and on anymore, and we can see how a lot of people get very frustrated with it.
  • One of the things Esteban enjoy is seeing other people’s radio shacks and even antenna ideas. There are several ways you can set up your radios, from having a custom-built rack to getting scanner master cell racks for radios.


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