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Today we will talk about severe weather monitoring and prepping. This doesn't just stop at severe weather, but this could be any type of natural disaster.

Today's podcast episode is all about how to set up your scanner. What scanner should you have on hand? What kind of radio should you have on hand and what to know before the event happens, so that you can prepare?



What You Need To Know

  • In the U.S., severe weather alerts will be broadcasted over NOAA weather radio
  • Any VHF radio is going to be able to monitor NOAA weather.
  • NOAA Weather frequencies are between 162.400 to 162.550.
  • Most scanner radios on the market have weather features built in
  • Dedicated Weather Alert Radios will monitor NOAA weather radio in the background and have a loud alert when there is a reason to be aware.
  • Another option is to take an old scanner radio and set up that as a weather alert standby radio.
  • An optimal place for an alert radio is in a central location in your home that you’ll be able to hear and that can wake you.
  • It doesn’t hurt to have multiple weather alert receivers in your home
  • NOAA sends out a weekly broadcast test every Wednesday and it is a great way to know that your radio will alert in an emergency.
  • Scanning after a disaster can help keep you and your family safe.
  • You can use the forums or database on Radio Reference to find the correct scanner for your area.
  • It is important to understand that frequencies may change, and it is important to keep your scanner up to date.
  • Practice using the scanner, so you know how to use it during or after an emergency.

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