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Today, we discuss optimizing your scanner for multiple sites in a trunk system.

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about setting up your scanner and optimizing it for a typical scan list, but today we will dive into this topic a little bit deeper.




What you need to know:

  • When discussing Trunked systems, a site may not be one specific location or one particular transmitter.
  • Instead, it may be one tower, one transmitter location, or a collection of transmitter locations networked together.
  • Simulcast are networked transmitters that key up at the same as a single large “site”.
  • When programming your Uniden DMA scanners, quick keys are assigned to sites and not systems.
  • In a Uniden DMA platform, we can assign each site their own key, or multiple sites to a single key.
  • This allows us to optimized our scanner’s resources on the fly and toggle only what we need to scan.
  • Uniden home patrol is slightly different because we have different ways of setting up and configuring our scanner.
  • We use favorites lists in the home patrol. We also use system quick keys, and then we can also use site and department quick keys.
  • need to create multiple trunk systems and then multiple sets of talk groups.
  • When programming your Wistler Object Oriented Scanners, Talk groups are assigned to keys, not systems or sites.
  • This means if we want to toggle sites, we need to program talk groups in multiple times.
  • We will also need to setup multiple systems with smaller site lists and assign talk groups to these systems if we want to toggle site scan lists
  • Whistler gives us another option that we can toggle in our system settings:
    • Stationary – Scans all sites and all CC’s programmed into a system
    • Roam – Scans all CC’s and stays on the best site until threasholds are met.
    • Off – Stops on the first CC and will not move until signal is lost.
  • Thesholdhi and ThresholdLo are two settings that we can adjust on the Whistler models that I wish were options on all scanners.


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