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Looking at things from multiple angles may help you think about whether it is time for you to consider upgrading a scanner.



Do you want a new scanner because it’s time to buy something new, or is it needed to keep up with changes to your local systems?

What You Need To Know

  • There are things outside of our control dictating whether or not we need to upgrade our scanners.
  • For example, when rebanding happened here in the US, many of us needed new scanners that would support rebanding.
  • Paying for a DMR or NXDN upgrade might be a nice upgrade if you already have supporting hardware.
  • Size matters. Upgrading into a “pocket scanner” might interest you if you are always carrying a radio around.
  • Scanning is a hobby. Learning, growing, and investing in equipment is what a hobby is all about.
  • The secondary market can be a great place to purchase radios, that were too expensive when new, at a more affordable price today.


Are you looking for your first scanner radio?

Download our new e-guide, “5 Thinks You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Scanner”.   This free PDF is about 30 pages long and has 5 things you should look for, plus a few extra bonus items to make sure you make an educated purchase.

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