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The Easy Way to Study for Your Ham Ticket

In this episode, we welcomes back guest Chuck Gysi from Ham Radio Prep.

We discuss the Ham radio licensing exams, the new extra course launching soon, and more.

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What You Will Learn in This Week's Podcast:

  • Chuck runs National Communications Magazine, and it has existed since 1988.
  • Chuck got interested in radios because his father was a volunteer fireman and got calls through a radio.
  • Ham Radio Prep was started in 2017 by people who got licensed as a way to communicate during hurricanes when national systems are down.
  • They are developing a new course to teach new licensees on how to program a radio by hand so that it serves them in an emergency situation.
  • The course has some interactivity, including games and flashcards to prepare you for the licensing exam.
  • Because of COVID, the number of registrations for the ham radio prep course rose 700%.
  • Also due to COVID, if may not be possible to take the licensing exam virtually.
  • Many have reported that they are receiving their license from the FCC within 24 hours.
  • The length of time it will take to complete the course depends on how fast you can pickup the content.
  • There’s a Facebook support group for students to ask questions and answer each other.
  • Go to ARRL.org to find a testing location.
  • No matter what your other hobbies are, there is probably a tie-in you can make to amateur radio.

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