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GMRS is a personal radio service that you and your family can use or you.

It’s a great time to get your license if you haven’t gotten one already because the FCC last month has dropped the price to $35 for a 10-year license.




What You Need To Know

  • GMRS is a family Radio service
  • The license covers you and your family, and you can use a single license to talk to each other.
  • General Mobile Radio service sits in the UHF spectrum in the United States
  • These frequencies are intertwined or even the same as FRS.
  • On most frequencies, you can use higher power than FRS users if you are licensed to use GMRS
  • You can use your GMRS license to communicate with anyone on FRS.
  • GMRS allows you to use Repeaters to extend your range
  • Some repeaters are open to all users, others are closed to an organization, while others may be for private use.
  • In 2017, the FCC expanded GMRS to allow short data messaging applications, including text messaging and GPS location information, to be sent over GMRS frequencies.
  • GMRS is analog and never encrypted give you something you can monitor with any scanner radio on the market
  • There are versions of GMRS in many countries so GMRS is not limited to just the US.

Our Radio Recommendation:

FRS / GMRS Channels:

01 – 462.5625

02 – 462.5875

03 – 462.6125

04 – 462.6375

05 – 462.6625

06 – 462.6875

07 – 462.7125

08 – 467.5625

09 – 467.5875

10 – 467.6125

11 – 467.6375

12 – 467.6625

13 – 467.6875

14 – 467.7125

15 – 462.5500

16 – 462.5750

17 – 462.6000

18 – 462.6250

19 – 462.6500

20 – 462.6750

21 – 462.7000

22 – 462.7250

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