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What features would you like to see in the next Flagship Scanner Radio by Uniden, Whistler, or someone else?

I have my own wishlist and I think many of these features are overdue in today’s scanner radio market.

In fact, many of my requests are already available on other radios, including radios like Baofeng and TYT to name a few.



What I would love to see on the next Flagship Scanner:

  • Radio Reference Database should remain included in any future Flagship Scanner
  • Bluetooth connectivity is a must
  • Include a desktop charger or make it available as an optional accessory.
  • Bonus points if flagship scanners would include accessory connections for external antennas, speakers, and pc connections via the desktop charger.
  • No more custom battery packs, please!
  • Apps for Android and iOS would be nice.
  • Why can’t future handheld radios include GPS built in?
  • I can get dual VFO’s in my Icom receivers and my cheap $30 imports. Why can’t I have dual VFO’s on my $600+ scanner?
  • We need voice prompts in today’s scanners (or fallback to smart phone and tablets and apps with screen readers) for those who are blind or need assistance seeing?
  • All radios should be able to use aftermarket antennas without any special adapters or restrictions

Check out more of my wishlist and even some ways manufacturers could include these without driving prices up inside this podcast.


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