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Do you need an aftermarket antenna for your scanner?

Will changing your antenna help or impair your scanner’s performance?



What You Need To Know

  • Stock antennas included with your scanner can cover large frequencies.
  • Antennas with wide coverage will sacrifice performance.
  • Antennas with too narrow coverage can also impair your reception.
  • You don’t want to have an 800 MHz antenna on your scanner when you’re trying to also listen to VHF.
  • However, if you have an 800MHz antenna and need to monitor 800MHz, then you may find a big improvement in reception.
  • When we look at aftermarket antennas, we need to check what type of connector do we have on top of our scanner.
  • Today’s scanners use BNC or some style of SMA. You need an antenna to match or buy adapters to make your new antenna match your scanner’s antenna jack.
  • After market antennas can have gain, which can certainly help us pull in weaker signals.
  • There may be times where you want to cause an intentional degradation of reception
  • If you have issues with P25 simulcast, maybe you want to knock out distant transmitters and detuning your antenna might actually help you receive better.
  • If you are receiving well enough using the stock antenna, will swapping the antenna out actually improve anything? You can’t receive 120% of a signal.

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