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The Anytone AT-878UVII Plus is a very popular Amateur Radio used for DMR.

Since it also covers outside the VHF and UHF Ham Band and covers DMR, it could be used to scan some conventional traffic.   Or can it?

Let’s discuss using this popular radio for scanning and decide if this radio is worth adding to our scanner radio collection.




What You Need To Know

  • Since DMR is included out of the box, this could be a cheaper alternative to buying a Digital Radio with the optional DMR upgrade
  • Out of the box, t transmits and receives 136-174 MHz and 400-480 MHz on US models.
  • However, expanding the range to 520 MHz is a simple modification you can do via software.
  • DMR support is limited to Tier I and Tier II, which means it will work fine for simplex and repeater DMR transmissions.
  • It supports both TS1 and TS2
  • Promiscuous can be set so the radio will monitor any Talk Group that is transmitting.
  • Some of the Anytone radios will transmit APRS, but this radio UVII plus will receive APRS packets, and you don't need to be an amateur radio operator to receive APRS.
  • The UVII Plus includes Bluetooth and mine included a BT PTT Button in the box.
  • It has got plenty of room in there for conventional memories supporting 4000 memory locations.
  • Memories are broken down into a maximum of 250 zones with 250 memories per zone.
  • You can store 500,000 DMR Radio IDs in Memory.
  • DMR programming supports 10,000 Talk Group IDs
  • While not type accepted to do so, if one was inclined, you could program this radio for FRS and GMRS use.
  • The Anytone 878 supports Dual Receive, which is something we are long overdue for on a scanner radio.
  • This means you can put two frequencies or two memories on display and hear them both simultaneously.
  • In addition to VHF and UHF frequencies, you can also monitor FM Broadcast.
  • PL, DPL, and CC are all supported.
  • 2-Tone and 5/6 Tone Paging are supported as well. Think of using this as a fire pager or to mute the radio until tones are transmitted.
  • One of my biggest complaints about scanning with this radio is that it is a pain in the neck to go and change through the scan list.
  • Scanning is very slow when compared to a traditional scanner
  • You can only put 50 memories into a single scan list


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