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A haunted halloween tail about some dangerous radios caught in the wild!

We spoke about the dangers of using commercial radios on Session 81 of the podcast

In this podcast, we talk about an actual incident of stolen radios that occurred in the Ohio MARCS P25 System.


Several people were arrested for “stealing” and “pirating” stolen radios IDS that belong on the OHIO MARC Trunk Radio System.


Those arrested were charged with the following:

  • Engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity
  • Aggravated theft
  • Unauthorized use of computer, cable or telecommunications property
  • Criminal simulation
  • Impersonating a peace office

What you need to know

  • The Incident that sparked arrests for stolen radio I.D.'s
  • The effect of the stolen pirated I.D.'s
  • The charges attributed to the perpetrators.
  • Can you actually steal a radio I.D.?
  • What you need to be aware of.
  • Why you need to scan with a scanner.

Remember – this is now on the radar.   People have been charged with possessing, selling, and programming commercial radios.

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