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Welcome to Session 4 of Scanner School.   In this session we talk about Simplex, Duplex, and Repeater Communications.

There are several transmission methods that can be used to communicate via radio.

The simplest way is Simplex, or point to point.  Each user communications directly using a single frequency.

A duplex system is just like simplex, each user is talking directly, but they are on alternate frequency pairs.  Example, a dispatcher can be on frequency A and receive on frequency B.  The units in the field would transmit on frequency B and receive on frequency A.

Repeaters are really the best way to go for most communications.   A repeater is normally located in a high location, such as a tower, tall building, or mountain top.   This allows them to have a greater footprint that someone at lower elevation.  The repeater will listen for transmissions on a receive frequency and rebroadcast them on the repeater's transmit frequency.   All of the users on the repeater system will be listening on the repeater's transmit side.

Another benefit of repeaters is that it can put out more power than a portable or mobile unit.

As a bonus, we also talk about voters and how they can enhance the repeater's coverage in this podcast session.


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