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Recording your Scanner's Audio to a PC

Have you ever wondered how to record your scanner audio?

What software tools and equipment would you need?

In this podcast, we have guest Garrett Farwell.  He shares about his background, his setup, how he records his scanner audio to PC, and why.

What You Need To Know

  • Guest Garrett Farwell shares his background and how he got into the scanner hobby.
  • Police call books and the “old way” of programming.
  • Garrett's primary recordings and interests.
  • The purpose of recording: for listening or logging hits?
  • Garrett shares his process and a few ways of recording.
  • Phil's quick shortcut for copy files into 1 file.
  • Using Broadcastify feeds for recording and pulling audio.
  • Using ProScan for recording and how to store the files.
  • Using variables in ProScan
  • How to marry audio recordings with ADS-B and Flightware.
  • Butel vs. ProScan
  • Hardware and the process for hooking up recording capability.
  • Discussion on setting up levels and a variety of ways for tweaking audio.
  • Recording with SDR's
  • Quick Summary of 2 different ways to record.

Links and Sources from this session:

Here is the copy command to merge several MP3 files together:
Hint: Save this as a “bat” file inside the directory where the MP3 files are located that you want to merge

copy /b *.mp3 “c:\<full path to your saved file>\<final file name>.mp3”

copy /b *.mp3 “r:\scanner audio\calls\house_fire.mp3”

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