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Scanning the Rails

Does your area have a lot of rail traffic that you want to scan?

How can you get started?

In this episode, we have guest Joe Curtis. 

He shares about his background, his setup, how he monitors train location while trackside, and more.

What You Need To Know

  • Guest Joe Curtis shares his background and how he got into scanning rail networks.
  • The equipment Joe uses and what’s actually necessary to listen to rail traffic.
  • What can you hear on a rail scanner?
  • The first steps you should take if you want to listen to the rails.
  • What does Joe hear most often when listening to the rails?
  • Joe can pick up signals from a locomotive as far as 2-3 miles away and dispatchers from multiple states away.
  • You only need the basics to listen to the railroads because they haven’t switched to digital yet.
  • Listening to the railroad is a good alternative as police departments increasingly encrypt their radios.
  • How Joe uses his iPhone to monitor train location with PC-based software.
  • Joe and Phil discuss the benefits and limitations of different rail scanning setups.
  • Joe shares advice for those interested in monitoring the railroads.

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