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How things work on the other side of the airwaves

A scanner is built to receive, but did you ever wonder what it took to build the transmitting part of the signal?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to set up a dispatch center?

In this episode, Phil talks to his old friend Rob Bambino to discuss his company RF Designs.

Rob's company specializes in consulting with fire departments and local law enforcement to build and maintain their dispatch centers and equipment.

What You Need To Know

  • Rob works setting up dispatch centers for local fire districts on Long Island.
  • Most fire departments have radio rooms that need to be set up and maintained.
  • Some departments have agreements where can transmit into another department’s system as a backup.
  • New radio consoles are operated from a computer monitor rather than on the device itself.
  • Rob surveys the area of the town that the dispatch center needs to cover, identifying possible sites for towers, creates a topographic map, and comes up with a plan to set up test sites before building permanently.
  • A system called a voter allows the system to constantly scan for which receivers have the best signal to noise ratio, and feed that receiver into the repeater.
  • For maintenance purposes, it is best to have the tower locations on fire department property.

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RF Design Phone number: 516-345-9747

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