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Many of you have submitted questions – today I answer a few of them!

What you need to know

Many of you have e-mailed in your questions.   Today, I answer a few of them on the podcast.

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Links from this session:

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Diamond D130NJ Discone Antenna

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BuTel Software

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One Comment

  • Bill Nolan

    Just a note for Phil… as I’m not sure of if it’s allowed. So I will give it to you and you can make a determination. My comment is this… The Spectrum Monitor online magazine has a comprehensive review of the Uniden SDS200 in the April 2019 issue from Larry Van Horn. Larry is a well respected authority in the scanning society, I believe he started back in the early sixties, wrote for Bob Groves’ Monitoring Times Magazine until Bob retired and the magazine shut down. The review is an interesting read, at least for me as his findings (on both the SDS100 & SDS200) were in total agreement with my findings. So, I’m coming off as an advocate of Mr. Van Horn’s take on these scanners. He vindicated what I’ve been comprehensively and critically vocal about. (I’ve always tried to list BOTH the good and the bad in my postings-maybe not all in one post, but overall I’ve tried to list the good, bad and ugly of the x36’s and SDS’s. So Phil, I leave it to you to determine if the review from Larry might be mentioned here at Scanner School-NOT the review itself, just that it exists on The Spectrum Monitor (TSM).


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