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Working Around Simulcast Issues with Nathan McMullan

In this podcast, I talk with our guest Nathan McMullan, who is the first repeat guest on the podcast and is an aviation major at Eastern Kentucky University.  He shares today about combating the issues of simulcast, but in his own way.


If you remember from Nathan’s first interview (link in the notes below) we talked about how to scan on a budget.  This includes monitoring a P25 simulcast system.

Nathan is here to talk about how he is building upon that setup to be able to do more with it, and what he is doing to try to monitor a simulcast system with a Whistler 1040.

What you need to know

  • Updates on Nathan now and his current equipment setup.
  • Using Zello as a streaming tool.
  • What content is being streamed?
  • Time needed for setup for streaming.
  • Using Zello as a scanning tool.
  • Utilizing the Whistler WS1040 on the simulcast system.
  • Keys to working through the simulcast headaches.
  • Common issues with decoding.
  • Why laying the radio on the side helps.
  • More suggestions for combating simulcast issues.
  • Addressing issues from being between 2 sites.
  • Isolating talk groups with OpenMHz.
  • Discussions around encryption and shifting your listening habits.

Links and Sources from this session:

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Session 18 – Simulcasting

How to Scan on a Budget – Session 73


Open MHz

Scanner School Facebook Group 

Bonus Material:

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