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The Yaesu VX-6R is a modern classic Ham Radio.

So why should you use this as a scanner radio?

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What you need to know

It doesn’t trunk.  It doesn’t do any digital modes.   The alpha tags are limited to just 6 characters, and it’s nearly 20 years old.

Yep, doesn’t seem like this one has many positives when you scratch the surface, but there is more here than meets the eye!

The Yaesu VX-6R receives nearly from .5 MHz – 998.0 MHz.

It receives Broadcast AM & FM, Shortwave (AM), VHF-Lo, Aviation, MilAir, Business Bands, FRS, MURS, GMRS, and of course VHF and UHF Amateur Radio Bands.

This longtime selling radio is water tight, has a HUGE following in the prepper community, and will run circles around any Baofeng.

Selling for around $249 USD, this radio is almost as much as a Whistler WS1040 or WS1065, but neither is water tight, will receive AM or FM Broadcast, or Shortwave.

There are plenty of other reasons to think about putting one of these radios into your Scanner Radio collection.  This podcast will continue to outline more reasons to think about the VX-6R.


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