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Understanding Whistler’s Object Oriented Scanning

PS – this is also for GRE and Radio Shack Scanners that support OOS.



What You Will Learn in This Week’s Podcast:

Do you want to better understand object-oriented programming?

In this episode, Phil explains how object-oriented programming differs from just using a scanner with hard coded memory and also Uniden’s DMA memory.

What You Need To Know

  • Object-oriented scanning allows you to create scan lists as small or as large as you need without wasting memory on your scanner.
  • Memory space on a scanner is based on blocks, and trunking, talk spaces, etc., each take up varying numbers of blocks.
  • Scan lists are thought of in object-oriented scanners as banks.
  • These scanners have dynamic memory, where instead of programming a frequency twice in two separate scan lists, you are able to program it once in two locations.
  • Trunking in object-oriented scanning requires separate lists for sites.
  • When talk groups are assigned to a scan list that means the scanner recognizes them as an object and knows it needs to monitor it.
  • Scan lists in object-oriented scanners can handle both conventional and trunk systems in the same list.
  • You can mix and match analog and digital as well.
  • Object-oriented scanners allow you to have v-scanners, which we will talk about on a future podcast.

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