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Head to Head: Close Call vs Signal Stalker

Which is better?  Uniden’s Close Call or Whistler’s Signal Stalker / Spectrum Sweeper?

Today we them to the test in a head-to-head comparison on speed, distance, and technology. Listen in to find out who wins!



What You Will Learn in This Week’s Podcast:

  • Close Call and Spectrum Sweeper are used to seek out nearby frequencies that are stronger than a set value over the scanner’s noise floor.
  • You would use this function to listen to, for example, news helicopters flying overhead to report on traffic.
  • Close Call has three modes: standard Close Call, Close Call DND, and Close Call priority.
  • Spectrum Sweeper can be accessed through your settings menu, as a special feature or as automatic tuning.
  • Phil took the current flagship scanner model for both companies with a fresh charge on the battery, using the stock antenna straight out of the box.
  • He set the scanners to Channel 14 to simulate a worst-case scenario scanning situation on a low power FRS channel where the ERP is half a watt.
  • Then, for each radio, Phil tested how long it took for each scanner to lock onto the frequency at progressively farther distances.
  • There were three variables to the test: speed, distance, and technology (Analog, DMR, etc)
  • We choose a winner at the end of this podcast

More info:

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