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How to Optimize your Whistler Scanner’s Trunking Speed

The correct configuration can make a big difference in your scan rate



What You Will Learn in This Week’s Podcast:

Do you want to understand how trunking systems work in your Object Oriented Scanner?

In this episode, Phil continues his miniseries about trunking systems. He walks through optimizing your Whistler, GRE, and Radio Shack scanners for trunking using their object-oriented scanning.


What You Need To Know

  • Think of a site as a repeater that transmits radio and control channel traffic for its coverage area.
  • Whistler allows you to have more control over your trunk scanning thresholds than Uniden.
  • To optimize your sites, you need to know what talk groups are most likely to be broadcast on what sites.
  • When you’re programming your Motorola or P25 trunk sites on a Whistler, you only have to input a list of every single control channel on every site you want to monitor, rather than having to break it out by site like on Uniden.
  • Whistler has multi-site settings including Off, Roam, and Stationary.
    • Off means, the scanner will find the first usable control channel and use it to track the systems without bothering to scan the others.
    • Roam is used if you’re driving or otherwise moving around and will lock onto the best site it can find based on your Threshold High and Threshold Low settings.
    • Stationary allows you to scan through all decent quality control channels while you remain in one place.
  • Butel software makes duplicating these scan lists much easier than using the keypad.

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