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Today, we introduce our two new SDR courses.

These courses will teach you how to set up your computer’s operating system to work with SDR equipment, the best software for your needs, and more.

Software Defined Radio Courses are open!

Check out our first two courses from Scanner School – both are all about Software Defined Radios.

Our Free course will have you up and running with Software Defined Radios in an afternoon.

our Second courses is more details and will take you through multiple different SDR setups, software, and hardware.

Learn more about these two courses at



What You Will Learn in This Week’s Podcast:

  • Phil decided to launch on the Teachable platform rather than Youtube.
  • It is easier to follow a course on Teachable because it keeps track of where you left off.
  • Unlike YouTube, Teachable isn’t trying to bump you to the next unrelated video.
  • The free course is broken down into seven modules with steps inside them to help you complete each module.
  • The first step in every module is an intro video that explains what the module is going to be about.
  • The Free course will have you running a SDR, tuning in local frequencies and building a DMR Trunk Radio.
  • The Advanced Course picks up where the Free Course end.
  • In the Advanced course, you will learn:
    • How to install DSD Plus Fast Lane
    • How to use UniTrunker 1x and 2x
    • How to bridge software into DSDPlus
    • What high end options are available, such as Airspy, HackRF, and SDRplay devices
    • Software such as HDSDR, SDR Console, and SDRUno
    • Building ADS-B/UAT Receivers on a Raspberry Pi
    • Setup OP25 on a Raspberry Pi and Linux
    • How to build a server to send talk groups to Broadcastify
    • How to download weather maps from GOES and METEOR Satellites
    • and more
  • When you pay for the advanced course, the free course is also bundled with it.


More info:

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