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Do you want tips for how to use your scanner to its fullest potential during times of social unrest?




What You Will Learn in This Week’s Podcast:

In this episode, Phil shares ways to get started at scanning right now if you’re new to the hobby in response to current events, gives suggestions of what to listen for beyond fire and police transmissions, and more.

Whether you are a seasoned scanner listener, someone entering this hobby for the first time, or maybe you are returning after some time away, this podcast will guide you through what you need to know so you can monitor the activity that might be in your own neighborhood.


What You Need To Know

    • Due to current events, scanner radio sales are up, whether it’s first-time buyers who are new to the hobby or people returning to the hobby after some time away.
    • You are responsible for looking into the laws in your country/state/province/etc. to find out whether scanning is legal and any parameters around it.
    • Use Radio Reference to find out what you can listen to in your area.
    • Whether you need an expensive scanner depends on the modulation on the frequencies you intend to listen and the types of trunk systems in your area.
    • Some scanners can automatically program based on your zip code if you don’t care about programming with more specificity.
    • Other than fire and police, you can find and listen to tactical channels or the Office of Emergency Management.
    • The Federal DOJ has the 25 Cities Project, which allows for interoperability between local, state, and federal agencies during emergency responses.
    • Don’t forget to program in the NIFOG channels
    • Try listening to media frequencies to hear field reports and traffic/news helicopters before news breaks.


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