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SDRplay – the Software Defined Radio User’s SDR

In this episode, Phil talks to Jon Hudson, co-creator of the SDRplay devices

We talk about the evolution of radio scanning software, the advantages of SDRplay and SDRuno, where we think the scanner hobby is headed.

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What You Will Learn in This Week’s Podcast:

  • Jon Hudson is a co-creator of the SDRplay device.
  • SDRplay manufactures both hardware and software.
  • Before about 20 years ago, processing the radio chain was done exclusively on the hardware. Now computers are powerful enough to support doing most of this work with software.
  • SDRplay was founded in 2014.
  • The RSPDX has multiple antennae, which allows users to switch from one antenna to another quickly and easily.
  • Because SDRplay makes their own software for Windows, they take a lot of time to make sure it works seamlessly out of the box.
  • SDRplay acquired a company called Studio One that manufactured software about five years ago.
  • SDRplay is releasing a scheduler, which will function as an audio recorder for a specific channel at a specific time.
  • An advantage of the scheduler is that it allows users to tune in to certain frequencies at a specified time and then turn it off or move on to something else.

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