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Bringing a Scanner to Washington DC can be very exciting and also very confusing.

There are a lot of “Alphabet” agencies to try to listen to, but many are encrypted.  Even Police activity is secure.

But, if you know what other agencies are around, you’ll quickly see there are ways to connect the dots and still know what is happening around our Nation’s Capital.

Joseph Durnal, who spends a lot of time in DC, joins the podcast today to share what he’s learned about monitoring the activity in the DC metro area.



What You Need To Know

  • DC might be a small city, but there are agencies outside of the metro area that would come into DC as mutual aid.
  • Do not forget to scan border counties in Maryland and Virginia
  • Many business rely on FRS and Business Band frequencies to operate
  • Listening to news frequencies will help you understand when something big is happening around the city.
  • Joe likes to use his TRX-1 in the DC area since it handles Analog, P25, and DMR.
  • Planning out your stay or trip in DC will help you get the most out of your scanner.
  • If you rely on GPS scanning, your scanner will have a lot of systems in the scan list and much of it may be encrypted.

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