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Larry Van Horn is one of the legends in the Scanner Radio Hobby.

We are fortunate enough to have him on this week’s podcast!



What You Will Learn in This Week’s Podcast:

  • Larry has published multiple columns and guides over the years.
  • Today, Larry shares the key to success when it comes to Scanner Radio Hobby.
  • During this conversation, Larry and Phil cover topics ranging from short-waves to gigahertz.
  • Larry’s digital publications are available on Amazon
  • Phil reiterates how the guides written by Larry have helped him.
  • Larry spent 15 years documenting activity in the military radio spectrum in his monthly Milcom columns.
  • The MT Milcom columns documented the U.S. military conversion to narrowband LMR systems, the move from conventional to trunk radio systems, the 225-400 MHz band plan shift, including the new 380-400 MHz sub-band, and HF military frequencies, both foreign and US.
  • Larry has spent the last 65 years enjoying the radio hobby

More info:

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