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Scanners can Scan.  Receivers can Receive.  Receivers can also Scan and Scanners can also Receive.  So what makes them different?



What You Will Learn in This Week’s Podcast:

  • Scanners and Receivers are more like cousins than brothers and sisters in the radio world.
  • Both receive and scan frequencies
  • They don’t transmit.
  • Receivers have a larger receive foot-print than a typical scanner.
  • Typically 100 KHz is the bottom of a receiver, but you can go up to a couple of gigahertz.
  • A typical scanners start as low as 25 MHz and go up to 1300 MHz
  • Scanners will typically not support monitoring AM Broadcast Bands, but Receivers will.
  • Scanners do not support SWL monitoring, but Receivers will.
  • Scanners have more modes that are not found in receivers; NXDN, DMR, P25, are common modes of reception present in a scanner.
  • Receivers have modes that are not in present in a scanner, such as upper and lower sidebands, AM and CW
  • Some high end receivers will do D-STAR, P-25, dPMR, and NXDN.
  • Receivers can be very affordable starting less than $200 and going over $10,000 for a high end model.
  • Scanners can start at $100 and cost over $600 for a high end model.
  • With close call and signal stalking, scanners can help you find a more relative frequency faster than a receiver.

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