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Scanner Apps for your Smartphone and Tablet

Enhance your scanning hobby with these apps for your smartphone and tablet.

What you need to know

A few weeks ago, i polled the community on our facebook group asking the members what apps they use on their smartphones and tablets.

Here is a small summary of some of the apps that the group members suggested.

I’ve broken this down into 5 topics:

Live Streaming Apps

Scanner Radio Deluxe / Scanner Radio Pro


Action Scanner Pro (A paid app that allows you to monitor 6 streams at once.)

Community Apps:


You will need to be invited into a group, start your own, or use your own detective skills to find local groups.   This is no active directory of groups that you can join.


Zello is a “push to talk” type of app, but there are many scanner radios streaming ot zello.  The streams are near real time.

Not only is zello great for your local feeds, but the app is used when there are natural disasters and you can easily find streams for local rescue efforts.   Such as the the Cajon Navy and other Crowd Resources.

Flight Tracking:


This is a paid app that connects to the word’s largest website for aviation streaming.  We had Eric Carlson on the podcast in session 24 to talk about LiveATC and how it operates.   If you are big into aviation monitoring, LiveATC is a great app to have on your device.


This is a free app for flight tracking.  This is currently my go to flight tracking app.

FlightRadar 24

This is another free app for flight tracking.  A subscription is available to have the adds removed from the app.

Website Forums


You can use Tapatalk to easily post and read any website forum that supports their platform.  Radio Reference is available on the TapaTalk app and makes it very simple to keep up to date with what is going on there.

I’ll eventually have tapatalk integrated with my own scanner radio site,

Additional apps


This is a sore subject for many.   Siren was developed by Uniden for connecting to the BCD536HP.   This was supposed to be an Android and iOS app, but only the iOS app was ever published.  It is rumored that you can get this app to work with the SDS200 if you are on the same LAN.

Radio ID

I use Radio ID to decode two tone paging.  It is also a great app to decode the MDC ID squawks you hear on many PD and FD transmissions.

Pulse Point

Pulse Point is an app that your local rescue agency must sign up for in order for it to be of any use to you.   My local county does not use Pulse Point, but my neighboring county does.

The idea behind Pulse Point is to crowdsource help from those trained in CPR during cardiac arrests.  

In my neighboring county For each rescue call, I can see on a map what type of call it is and who is responding.  This includes accidents, fires, and other types of medical calls.

For anyone looking for a demo on these apps, we’ll start creating a series of YouTube videos on these apps.  Be sure to check out our YT channel at



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