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Rebanding – a necessary evil in the 800 MHz spectrum in the United States.  In this session of Scanner School, we discuss why rebanding happened, how it changed the landscape of the 800MHz spectrum, and what it means for the scanner radio user.


Rebanding Facts:

  • The rebanding process only affects the 800Mhz Spectrum in the United States
  • Rebanding process started in 2005
  • Rebanding was required due to the RF density created by ESMR networks like NEXTEL versus the distant transmitters of Public Safety Networks
  • The localized networks of ESMR caused the receivers used by Public Safety agencies to overload and become deaf to their own transmissions
  • Relocating Public Safety, SMR, and ESMR’s in the 800Mhz spectrum proved to be the best solution

Bonus Material:

This session included a lot of frequencies and notes.

We have a session handout that will help explain the 800MHz spectrum, where things moved, and how things look now.

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Show Notes:

Rebanding on the Radio Reference Wiki

800 Transition Administrator –

FCC’s Rebanding Page

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Podcast Transcription:

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