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NXDN – Next Generation Digital Narrowband

Part 2 of a 2 Part NXDN Series
NXDN Trunking Types

What you need to know

For details on the basics of NXDN, please see last week’s session, An Introduction to NXDN.

NXDN trunking supports 65,545 group ID’s and User IDs.

Like most trunk systems, NXDN also supports:

  • Single and Multi Site
  • Individual and Group call
  • Automatic Roaming
  • Wide area networking via IP linking.
  • Emergency calls
  • Remote or OTA programming
  • accessory ports for 3rd party apps, such as GPS, MDT.


Like P25, DMR, pDMR, NXDN uses the AMBE+2 Vocoder from Digital Voice Systems, Inc (DVSI).


It was realized that both Control Channel and Distributed logic runking were equally predominant in the US market based on the analog equivalents already in deployment, like EDACS, Motorola Type II, and LTR)


NXDN Type C trunking

C=Dedicated Control Channel – Single or Multiple site trunking using 6.25/12.5kHz FDMA

Like typical TRS where the CC has all the control signal and all communications are done on VC’s


NXDN Type D trunking

No Dedicated control Channel

Single or multi site trunking – 6.25kHz FDMA (no 12.5)

Distributed logic based.  No CC. All channels can operate as the VC.  Think LTR


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