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New Unication G2 and G3 Pagers

Unication has released a pair of new pagers to compliment their existing G4 and G5 product line.

Like the G4 and G5, these pagers are analog, P25, and DMR Tier I / Tier II.

What you need to know

The G2 pager is an analog, DMR, and P25 ready pager that will operate on only VHF or UHF.   This is basically the G4 but in a VHF or UHF only version. The external antenna will be for the band of pager you purchase.   So the external antenna will be for VHF on the VHF pagers and UHF on the UHF pagers.


The G3 pager is an analog DMR and P25 ready pager that is …. Wait for it….    Dual band VHF and UHF. Yes – Unication has finally released a VHF / UHF pager .    I know many have been looking for this as a solution.


The cost to own a G2 – G5 pager will be going up $50 beginning April 1, 2019.   Right now is the best time to lock in your price.

We are able to presale the G2 and G3 pagers before they release and before the pricing goes up.

To purchase any Unication pager, please contact East Coast Pagers!



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