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Nathan McMullen joins the podcast today to explain how he setup his Unication G-Series pager.   Nathan has taken several multi-state road trips with his pager and was able to listen to public safety during his trip.

Nathan explains how he setup his pager, what needs to be done before the trip, and some things he wished he did differently while taking a multi-mile trip with his pager.

Note – while I am a Unication Dealer, I am coming into this conversation with Nathan as a scanner radio user.  I am asking questions specific to the scanner radio hobby.

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What You Will Learn in This Week’s Podcast:

  • Traveling with an Unication pager should be thought of the same way as traveling with a two-way radio that is only able to receive on certain bands.
  • We need to remember that we need to set up these radios before we even leave the house and hit the road or expect to make tweaks via a computer and software while traveling or stopping over at a hotel or a hotel campground the night.
  • Commercial-grade products are built for public safety or the professional user whose job is to safely rely on the radio in their hands or in their vehicle.
  • Nathan purchased a G4 because that’s pretty much all he needed with our local system right now.
  • One Trick Nathan Discovered is setting multiple site trunk systems up as a single site with wildcards.
  • Pre-planning everything and set up exactly as you want to listen to it.
  • Spending the night at hotels can be spent tweaking your pager for the next day on the road.

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