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LTR or Logic Trunked Radio, is a dinosaur in the trunking world.   In Session 8 of Scanner School, we discuss the multiple forms of LTR Trunking, how they operate, and how the talk group id's are configured

LTR is a different, and almost extinct, form of trunking.

LTR can be thought of as a group of repeaters that are linked together that form a multi-level network.   LTR Standard does not have a typical control channel frequency that is always transmitting.  Instead, you'll find a packet burst every few minutes to notify the users that the trunk system is active.

Each frequency needs to be programmed into your scanner in Logical Channel Number, or LCN.   This means that frequency 1 needs to be in memory location 1 of the bank you are programming.   Likewise, LCN 3 needs to be in the third channel of the bank.

Radios on the system are assigned a Home Channel.   Not every group on the system shares a home channel.   The home channel can be used as a voice channel and will broadcast control information on a sub-audible tone.

Talk Groups are setup in A-HH-GGG fashion.  A = Area Code, either a 0 or 1.   HH = the home repeater.  GGG = the talk group ID.
Ex – A talk group that uses home channel 5 would be written as 0-05-123.

We discuss more about LTR in this week's podcast.

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