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Taking a look at a Uniden Classic

After twenty years, this scanner is still highly collectable.  Do you know why?

Today we're talking about a classic, the Uniden BC780XLT. 

This radio came out in 2000 and it shook up the scanner radio market. 

Learn why the power that was behind it made it a go-to scanner for many people at the time and what was available for this model on the aftermarket.

What You Will Learn in This Week's Podcast:

  • What can the BC780XLT do right out of the box. 
  • The BC780XLT was strictly analog.
  • You can put a Motorola trunk system in the same bank as conventional frequencies.
  •  You can't mix two trunk systems in the same bank but you can mix conventional and trunking together.
  • This model allows you to search out CTCSS and DCS tones. 
  • You can program 500 channels in 10 banks.
  • It works well as a weather receiver
  • You can program scan delays that are built-in per channel, and you can have a limit hold on each frequency.
  • This scanner has channel alerts.
  • A very cool feature is this scanner’s versatile RS232 serial port.
  • You have a tape-out on the back of the radio
  • Program searches are built-in.
  • You can pre-program ten search ranges and have selectable step sizes.
  • The display was revolutionary for the time.
  • There were many aftermarket software options for this model.
  • People took this scanner with them and actually used it as a portable radio.
  • Aftermarket Accessories Include:
    • Protective carrying cases for portable use
    • There was a way to have internal battery packs powering the scanner.
    • AM and shortwave broadcasts modification
    • An automatic mute with an RF sensor mod.
    • Remote head kit.

The Uniden BC780XLT Specification

Frequency range:
1240-1300 MHz
Tuning steps:
5 KHz
7.5 KHz
10 KHz
12.5 KHz
25 KHz
50 KHz
100 KHz
Channels per Bank
Alpha Tags
16 Characters
Power supply
13.8 VDC
Antenna impedance
50 ohm
Antenna Connector
Trunking Protocols Supported:
Motorola Type I
Motorola Type II
Motorola Type IIi

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