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What do you need to know about Amateur Radio DMR?

Everything you need to know from getting your ID's to hardware to use. 

Our guest, Kenneth Fowler gives us some great insight into Amateur Radio DMR.


What you need to know

  • Kenneth shares about the 3 flavors of DMR and specifics related to them.
  • We discuss a variety of resources, networks for DMR, C-Bridges, and talk groups.
  • We look at the differences in using time slots and repeaters.
  • We talk about the utilization of hotspots, how to get them, availability, and how to use them.
  • What you need to know to get set up on Amateur radio as a scanner operator.
  • Kenneth gives us his equipment recommendations for getting started, setting up zones, channels, and frequencies.
  • We discuss the global nature of DMR, and a variety of groups to be a part of.
  • Kenneth's Tips and Tricks for getting into Amateur Radio DMR
  • And most importantly – how to scan an Amateur Radio DMR network correctly
  • And what to expect while monitoring the network

Links and Sources from this session:

Scanner School Courses

Repeater Book Resource


Radio ID

The Bronx TRBO Network

DMR for Dummies


Kenneth's ID#: 3151100

Virginia Statewide Talk Group: #3151

Capitol Hill Monitors

Bonus Material:

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