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How do you combine multiple antennas on a single coax line?

Have you wanted to learn about how to combine multiple antennas?

In this episode, Phil discusses some best practices for using multiple antennas, including how to set them up to avoid interference, how to bring the signal into your house to connect to your radios, and more.



What You Will Learn in This Week's Podcast:

  • LMR 400 Coax costs around $1 per foot, so running multiple coax lines for many antennas can get very expensive.
  • Diplexers have a low port, high port, and a common port.
  • Triplexers have a low port, mid port, high port, and a common port.
  • You should not use a T connector to combine multiple antennas.
  • It’s possible to run multiple antennas into the same coax line and then split them again at the bottom to feed them into specific radios.
  • Diplexers have a wide separation between Frequency A and Frequency B, and are fairly inexpensive compared to duplexers.
  • Duplexers are tunable and used for frequencies that are very, very close together, like same band combiners.
  • Duplexers are larger and are typically ground-mounted, but diplexers/triplexers/quadplexers can be mounted indoors or outdoors.

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