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Do live scanner feeds have hurt the hobby?

There are many different ways to get scanner radios onto the internet, and it’s just a matter of the way of developing or delivering the content.




What you need to know:

Many stream to:

  • Their own websites
  • Broadcastify
  • Twitch
  • Zello
  • Private in house systems and applications

Live streams are used by:

  • News media
  • Other public safety agencies
  • Hobby

How can you listen to live feeds?

  • Host’s website on your computer
  • Smart phone apps like “Scanner Radio” or “5 0 Radio”
  • Broadcastify
  • Zello
  • Discord Servers


  • Allow you to listen to events outside your coverage area
  • Can tap into major events
  • Hear breaking news as it happens


  • Can be used to coordinate civil disobedience
  • Used as a reason by agencies to push for encryption
  • Can be used in a negative way if media wants to scrutinize how emergency services responded

Final Thoughts:

  • Hobby has more attention to it thanks to live feeds and use of live feeds in news reports
  • It has allowed more to experience a scanner radio over an app, and those may never have understood what a scanner was or can do.
  • Allowed agencies to realize they can co-exist with scanner radio users


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