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Many of you are interested in Software Defined Radios.

I have created an SDR Workshop to get you from nothing to a fully operational DMR/NXDN/P25 Trunking system in just 4 sessions.


What is an SDR:

An SDR is a USB device that you can plug into your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.   Simply put, your computer does all the magic that makes a radio work!

Using some free software, we will take these affordable SDR USB Sticks and turn them into:

  • An Analog Receiver
  • A NXDN Receiver
  • A DMR Receiver
  • A P25 Receiver
  • A DMR Trunk Tracker
  • A P25 Phase 1 and Phas2 Trunk Tracker

Yes – this cheap and simple dongle will operate just as well as the new and very expensive scanners on the market cost.


Class is full – Please join the wait list for the next round (which will be delivered ‘on-demand')

What you will learn:

Before the course begins, you will be sent a list of the required hardware.  You do not need to have the hardware in hand to start the course.

Week 1

  • Plugging in the Hardware to your Windows Computer
  • Installing the Drivers
  • Installing SDR#
  • Using SDR#
  • Calibrating the SDR and setting the correct PPM Value
  • Changing the SDR ESN

Week 2

  • Downloading DSD Plus
  • Installing DSD Plus
  • Tuning your SDR with FMP
  • Using DSD Plus to listen to conventional P25, DMR, and NXDN

Week 3

  • Configuring DSD Plus for Trunking Activities
  • Modifying the DSD Sites File
  • Modifying the DSD Frequency File
  • Modifying the DSD Talk Group File
  • Monitoring a P25 Trunk System with DSD Plus
  • Monitoring a DMR Trunk System with DSD Plus

Week 4

  • Installing Virtual Audio Cable
  • Instaling UniTrunker
  • Decoding a Control Channel with UniTrunker
  • Voice Following with UniTrunker
  • Routing Analog signal to your speakers
  • Routing Digital signal to DSD Plus and then to your speakers


This is a brand new course and it is our first Scanner School Course.

This will be a live hands on training session with a small group of students.

The course will begin only if we have a minimum of 5 students and will max out at 10 students.

Because this is a life session, we must come to an agreement on what time works best for the class.

I'm hoping to hold these session on one of the following nights:

Tuesday or Wednesday at 9pm Eastern Time (US)
If these times to not work for you, please consider signing up for our waiting list here.

The first week of the course will be May 7, 2019.

How to Sign Up

If you are interested in signing up for the class, and you have availability on one of the time slots listed above, please click on the PayPal link below to secure your seat.

This course is $47 USD and is well worth the price.

I charge $47 for just a 30 minute consulting session and this is 1 hour week for 4 weeks of hands on time with me and a group of students for only $47.

This means by taking this course, you are saving hundreds of dollars!


Class is full – Please join the wait list for the next round (which will be delivered ‘on-demand')

If you are interested in the class, but cannot attend, please be sure to sign up for our waiting list for when the course is scheduled next.

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