Carrier Squelch, Tone Squelch, and Digital Coded Squelch

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Welcome to Session 3 of Scanner School.

In this session we talk about Carrier Squelch, Tone Squelch, and Digital Coded Squelch.

There are several ways that your receiver can open the squelch.  The simplest way is called Carrier Squelch, abbreviated by CSQ.

As more users were populating the airwaves, there needed to be a way of filtering out those you didn't want to hear.  This need to filter out the other users on a shared frequency gave birth to CTCSS, or Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System.

As technology improved, a new digital form of Carrier Squelching was developed, CDCSS, or Continuous Digital Coded Squelch System.

On P25 Systems, we use a NAC, or Network Access Code in place of CTCSS or CDCSS.

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