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Business band frequencies…. what can we find when we search these ranges?

These frequencies are used in places like department stores, home centers, nurseries or garden centers, schools, etc.

Building a scan list of these frequencies will strange results that may surprise you.



What You Need To Know

  • “Business Band” is an unofficial name to common frequencies used by businesses
  • In the past, businesses and other organizations could obtain a GMRS license, and some radios were sold with color-coded GMRS channels for business use.
  • In 2017, the FCC rules were changed, and FRS frequencies were combined with GMRS. As a result, the businesses can operate in lower power and lower bandwidth FRS radios on these same frequencies shared with GMRS.
  • MURS is a multi-use radio service, and these are VHF narrowband frequencies with a power limit of two watts.
  • The FCC formerly defines MURS as a private two-way short-distance voice or data communication service for personal or business activities of the public.
  • While FRS was primarily set up for use by personal use, it got grabbed up and became a part of business use.
  • Family Radio Service frequencies should be in your business band scan lists.
  • CB can be used for businesses
  • There is no need to get a license for CB, which makes it attractive again for businesses, and there is CB all over the world, which is another crazy thing.
  • We can find forestry services on “low band” vhf frequencies in the neighborhood of 27MHz.
  • We have already heard that some companies like Walmart are now switching over to their own IP-based radio systems.
  • Some business have begun using Spread Spectrum Radios which are not scannable.
  • For the most part, most businesses are going to buy the bubble pack radios or the radios they get from their local radio dealers, and they’re going to be put on some of the business band channels that are free to use.
  • Simply scanning these business band frequencies will find plenty of results you only need to program in your scanners.
  • We can find national radio services offering business solutions
  • Many business might be using local “community” trunk systems if they need a larger footprint to communicate. (Tow Trucks, Oil companies, Security)

Frequency bands used (US) (In MHz)

  • 27
  • 29
  • 30
  • 33
  • 35
  • 37
  • 42
  • 47
  • 151
  • 154
  • 158
  • 462
  • 464
  • 467
  • 469

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