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If you listen to the podcast, it’s no big secret that I give Baofeng and similar radios a bad rap.

Not surprisingly, I have a list of things I dislike about these radios.

But as shocking as it sounds, I have a larger list of things that are great about these affordable two way radios that many use as scanner radios.




What You Need To Know

  • With Baofeng radio, you can mistakenly transmit anywhere in the band you are not supposed to transmit.
  • One of the problems with the Baofeng radio is it's extremely slow scan rate.
  • Another issue I have with them is that there are only six characters on display.
  • With Baofeng units, minor firmware tweaks will prevent you from cloning radios.
  • There is no AM mode in these units, and if you want to put in a couple of aviation frequencies, they will be received in FM mode.
  • Baofengs can be programmed with free software.
  • Many times, you can purchase a radio with the cable at little to no extra cost
  • Voice Menus are the biggest perk of owning a Baofeng.

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