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Let’s talk about some Baofeng Options.

Our objective is to find a radio that has the same price point that many Baofeng models come in at, but are better value for the money.

We will be looking at some handheld radios that are less than $100 that might be worth investing in.




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What You Need to Know

  • UV-5R is a $35 radio all day every day basically on Amazon
  • We will compare the UV-5R with the Baofeng UV-82
  • Whistler’s Entry Level Scanner will be our Scanner Radio Baseline
  • Uniden’s SR30C is over our $100 Budget for Today’s Exercise
  • TYT’s TH-UV88 is a great alternative to the UV-5R
  • RADIODDITY’ GM-30 GMRS Radio is about the same price with more memory
  • We might be surprised at what we can find for less than $100 on the Amateur Radio Market.


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