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Aviation Scanning – Don’t let it go over your head!

To someone who has never tuned the aviation band, all the rapid transmissions between aircraft and the controllers can sound like a mash of directions, numbers, letters, and frequencies.  This session of the Scanner School will help you stay grounded while scanning the aviation band.

Aviation Scanning Basics

On this session of the Scanner School Podcast, we are joined by Dave Pascoe, KM3T, from LiveATC.net .  As a pilot, Dave knows first hand all of the ins and outs of Aviation Scanning.

Dave explains what you will hear while monitoring the aviation band and how to understand all of the information that comes flying at you!

Understanding the workflow

Dave describes the basic communications workflow a pilot will go through while prepping for flight or landing.   Not everything happens on a single frequency.

Pilots must move from ATIS -> Ground -> Tower -> Approach / Departure -> TRACON -> ARTCC

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